Dr. Rik Tjallingii

Rik Tjallingii
Dr. Rik Tjallingii
Gebäude C, Raum 326
14473 Potsdam
+49 331 288-1438

Funktion und Aufgaben:

Scientific manager Laboratory for XRF Element Scanning

Wissenschaftliche Interessen:

  • Late Quaternary climatic and environmental changes
  • Linking geochemical XRF scanning records and sedimentology
  • Calibration and application of XRF core scanning data
  • Multivariate analyses of long geochemical XRF scanning records


  • Since 2014: Scientific manager lab for micro-analytics, GFZ–German Research Centre for Geosciences Potsdam, Section 5.2 Climate Dynamics and Landscape Evolution (Potsdam, Germany)
  • 2009-2013: Post-doctoral researcher, NIOZ, Department of Marine Geology (Texel, The Netherlands)
  • 2007-2009: Post-doctoral researcher, Kiel University, Department of Sedimentology and Coastal Geology (Kiel, Germany)

Werdegang / Ausbildung:

  • 2003-2007: PhD at MARUM, University of Bremen (Bremen, Germany)
  • 1996-2001: Study geology at Utrecht University, (Utrecht, The Netherlands)


The focus of my scientific work is on the development and application of non-destructive XRF scanning for past climate and environmental reconstructions. I am responsible Laboratory for XRF Element Scanning at GFZ section 5.2 and involved in several projects.

ITRAXecerate software

GFZ projects

External Projects
  • Lake Barombi - Holocene climate change and Archaeology in Central Africa (U Potsdam)
  • DiaMiCT - Diagenetic Analyses and Modelling using Integrated Core scanning Technology (KU Leuven (B), TU Delft (NL))