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For each of the EAM time series (AAM, OAM, HAM, SLAM) 6-day forecasts are generated using atmospheric forecast from ECMWF. In addition, 90-day EAM predictions are calculated by combining AAM, OAM, HAM, SLAM.

Figures: Prediction error RMS (over 550 individual predictions) for polar motion and DUT1 compared to IERS C04. From top to bottom: x-pole, y-pole, pole, DUT1. Orange: Bulletin A, Blue: ESMGFZ.



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Reference Paper:

  • Dobslaw, H. and Dill, R. (2018): Predicting Earth Rotation Variations from Global Forecasts of Atmosphere-Hydrosphere Dynamics. Advances in Space Research, 10.1016/j.asr.2017.11.044.

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