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Satellite Data Products

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We provide data products derived from the measurements of the ESA (European Space Agency) missions for Earth Observation (EO), e.g., Swarm as well as for German missions, e.g., CHAMP (CHAllenging Minisatellite Payload). Our data products include not only the operational products derived from the ongoing missions, e.g., Swarm but also from past missions, e.g., CHAMP, GRACE (Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment). Currently, we provide the operational data (e.g., on daily basis) for the following ongoing missions:

Swarm (available at the Swarm dissemination server http://swarm-diss.eo.esa.int)

  • Midlatitude Ionospheric Trough Boundaries and Minima (MITx_LP_2F)
  • Midlatitude Ionospheric Trough Boundaries and Minima from TEC (MITxTEC_2F)
  • The equatorward boundary of SSFACs and the associated midnight plasmapause index (PPIxFAC_2F)

Further information about these products is available at https://earth.esa.int/eogateway/activities/swarm-prism.

  • Auroral Oval Boundaries (AOBxFAC_2F)
  • Latitude profiles of high-latitude ionospheric horizontal sheet current densities (AEJxLPL_2F)
  • High-latitude ionospheric sheet current boundary locations, the locations of minimum and maximum eastward current density, peak current intensity (AEJxPBL_2F)

Further information about these products is available at https://earth.esa.int/eogateway/activities/swarm-aebs.

GRACE-FO (GRACE-Follow-On, available at the GFZ ISDC portal and Swarm dissemination server)

  • Total Electron Content (TECxTMS_2F)
  • The averaged electron density between GRACE-FO satellites (NE__KBR_2F)

Further information about these products is available at https://earth.esa.int/eogateway/activities/tiro.

  • Calibrated and characterized platform magnetometer data (FGM_ACAL_CORR)

We also provide archive datasets for past missions like GRACE, CHAMP, and GOCE (Gravity field and Ocean Circulation Explorer). These datasets are reprocessed and/or newly derived products for scientific use:

Earth‘s magnetic field strengths at satellite altitude range up to 60,000 nT. The „bauble“ on the left shows measurements from the GOCE satellite at about 260 km altitude (roughly calibrated from -1000 nT to +1000 nT). Next to it are finely calibrated measurements (middle, -20 nT to +20 nT) and the lithosphere model (right, -20 nT to +20 nT).


More detailed information about provided platform magnetometer data can be found at https://isdc.gfz-potsdam.de/platform-magnetometer/.

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