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MPIOM Simulation for AOD1B RL06

This page provides information about characteristics of the simulated bottom pressure fields from the Max-Planck-Institute for Meteorology Ocean Model (MPIOM, Jungclaus et al., 2013) that are used for calculating the GRACE de-aliasing product AOD1B RL06.

Bottom pressure variability

The following figures contain information about different characteristics of the simulated bottom pressure fields. Figures are updated daily and represent averages over the most recently simulated 30 days. 

Figure 1: Animation of simulated ocean bottom pressure anomalies relative to the meanfield for 2003-2014 for the last 30 days. Please click on this link to start the animation.

Figure 2: Geographical extent of averaging regions for Figure 3 (a-c)

Area-mean bottom pressure anomalies relative to a mean field for the Hudson Bay (Fig. 3), the Baltic Sea (Fig. 3a), the Mediterranean Sea (Fig. 3b), and the coastal waters around Antarctica southwards of the Southern ACC front (Fig. 3c). Shape and geographical extent of the averaging regions are given in the upper panel. 

Reference Paper

  • Dobslaw, H., Bergmann-Wolf, I., Dill, R., Poropat, L., Thomas, M., Dahle, C., Esselborn, S., König, R., Flechtner, F.: A New High-Resolution Model of Non-Tidal Atmosphere and Ocean Mass Variability for De-Aliasing of Satellite Gravity Observations: AOD1B RL06. Geophysical Journal International, submitted.


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