Our flowers for International Women's Day

We asked a few of our female colleagues for their thoughts and wishes for International Women’s Day. They represent all the women who contribute to the success of our research in many ways.

We asked a few of our female colleagues for their thoughts and wishes for International Women’s Day. They represent all the women who contribute to the success of our research in many ways.

For inspiration, we introduced them throughout the day on our social media channels Twitter and Instagram.

Dr. Katrin Kieling

"Women's Day is important to me because it is an opportunity to recognize women and their contributions to our community. In fact, that should be done every day, and yet sometimes you need a reminder in this form."

The geophysicist works as a project manager in the Geoenergy section and manages large-scale projects such as REFLECT, which is currently investigating the behavior of fluids during geothermal energy use.

Prof. Dr. Lotte Krawczyk

"It's always nice to receive flowers as a gift. But to put it bluntly, living equality doesn't require a friendly commemoration of past revolutions once a year, but everyday respect and a willingness to change by everyone for everyone."

The geophysicist Lotte Krawcyk is director for the current scientific program PoF IV of the GFZ within the framework of Helmholtz research: "Changing Earth - Sustaining our Future". She herself explores the subsurface using seismic methods and was Germany's first professor of geophysics.

Svenja Schläfke

"This day is a good opportunity to actively fight for the visibility of all women in our society, no matter what position they hold. We should get away from the idea that it is enough to give flowers & chocolates. We want to be seen and recognized for what we do every day."

The physics lab technician trainee Svenja Schläfke is in her 3rd year of training and (still) a member of the youth and trainee representation JAV at GFZ. In the Geoenergy section, she works on experimental sections in which fluids are tested for conductivity, pH value or redox behavior, for example.

M Sc Sahar Sobhkhiz

"As a person coming from a patriarchal society in a middle eastern country, my message is: the 8th of March is not a day for women to celebrate. It is a day for every man and woman to think how they can change their own mindset and lifestyle to provide gender equality for everyone."

As a PhD student in the Geomagnetism section, Sahar Sobhkhiz’ research is about changes in the Earth’s magnetic field and how that affects the Earth’s upper atmosphere (ionosphere). To study the physical processes in the ionosphere is very important, as they can, for example, affect satellite signals.

Josefine Holtz

"Women are still disadvantaged and discriminated against far too often around the world. #InternationalWomensDay won't change that for the time being. But it is a step in the right direction to make it and us visible. It puts the focus on us women and it's up to us to use this opportunity."

The physics lab technician Josefine Holtz is technically responsible for both large measurement laboratories at HELGES - Helmholtz Laboratory for the Geochemistry of the Earth Surface. She takes care of the MC-ICP (MultiCollector-InductivelyCoupledPlasma) MassSpectrometer and the femtosecond laser. She maintains the equipment, keeps it in good working conditions, and performs measurements.

Dr. Inge Wiekenkamp

"I wish for a world where women have access to advanced education everywhere regardless of their origin and where women are truly equal to men. All women should be able to follow their dreams, be passionate, independent, and live up to their full potential."

The Postdoc Inge Wiekenkamp is doing research in micrometeorology and hydrology in Section Remonte Sensing and Geoinformatics. With airborne measurements and satellite images, she studies regional turbulent fluxes of heat, water, and carbon between the surface and the atmosphere - in German peatlands and the Arctic.

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