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Important signal for the expansion of deep geothermal energy

Important signal for the expansion of deep geothermal energy:GFZ welcomes consultation process of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action and identifies important fields of action

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German map with quality-checked data points, shown as columns

A new heat-flow analysis shows higher values for Germany

A new systematic data evaluation provides a basis for the assessment of geothermal resources.

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Map of Türkiye with the marked epicentre of the earthquake in the northwestern part of the country

Background on today's earthquake in northwest Türkiye

Background on the earthquake with a magnitude Mw6.1 on 23.11.2022 in northwestern Türkiye, about 200 kilometres east of the Istanbul metropolitan area.

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Satellite image of a desert area: Colorful spots show different minerals.

German environmental satellite EnMAP: start into regular operation

After a successful commissioning phase, the hyperspectral mission is now providing excellent data for applications in science and beyond.

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On the left, a measuring tower in a low overgrown tundra landscape.

More methane from Siberia in summer

According to GFZ researchers, the cause of this is the warming of the air and not the ground.

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Logo of the Helmholtz Innovation Labs: written words only

Successful interim evaluation of the two Helmholtz Innovation Labs at the GFZ

The two Helmholtz Innovation Labs at the GFZ have been positively evaluated: FERN.Lab and 3D-US Lab receive another two years of funding.

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From the air, a view of Istanbul, a city of millions, and the surrounding sea.

"Earthquakes don’t occur out of nowhere"

Marco Bohnhoff in an interview on the initiative to implement the next-generation of earthquake observatories worldwide.

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Die Verteilung der seismischen Stationen auf einer Karte der Region.

How deeply does Eifel volcanism sleep?

Researchers are now using a unique large-scale experiment to search for volcanic processes deep underground.

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Different coloured liquids mix in an aquarium. A child watches.

Catching up after Corona: "GEOtogether" brings joy for pupils in collaborative experimenting

Positive interim results of the GFZ Pupils' Laboratory in the BMBF-funded project before the start of the 3rd cycle

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A dry dam near Capetown, South Africa.

The challenge of unprecedented floods and droughts in risk management

A study has shown that gearing risk management measures to the worst-case event experienced to date is not enough to reduce impacts from unprecedented events.

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