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Screenshot from Earthquake Explorer. You can see a map of Marrocco, with the epicentre marked as a circle

According to the global seismological network GEOFON of the GFZ, a severe earthquake of magnitude 6.9 occurred in the High Atlas Mountains in Morocco on 8.9.2023 (local time).

Drawing of a submarine.

"Broadening horizons" is the motto of the exchange programmes of the Helmholtz Information and Data Science Academy (HIDA). The Academy is now funding nine research stays with GFZ participation.

Participants of the conference stand together in a group at the pillar forum of the GFZ.

Scientific drilling as telescopes into the Earth's interior: ICDP conference with 130 participants from 27 countries at GFZ | New GFZ focus pages Scientific Drilling.

Two persons standing on stage and speaking, with the IUGG logo superimposed over her on a large screen and projected on the wall. The room is dark and many people are seated as spectators.

IUGG General Assembly with record attendance: more than 4,700 geoscientists from all over the world in Berlin. GFZ alumna Mioara Mandea president from 2027, Alexander Rudloff remains Secretary General

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