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System Erde. GFZ-Journal

The GFZ journal System Erde (System Earth) reports on the many facets of our work at the GFZ. Primarily it addresses to decision makers in science, society and politics, to interested scientists and the public.

Knowledge at a glance

From Space to the Core of the Earth - The World of the GFZ

Information on GFZ

A Science-walk on 'Telegrafenberg'

Faktenblatt Fracking


Grace Follow-On satellite mission
The GRACE Satellite Tandem

High-Precision Earth Monitoring for a Better Understanding of Climate

The Geo-Research Satellite CHAMP

Biannual Reports of the German Research Centre for Geosciences

From 2006 onwards Biennual Reports are replaced by GFZ Journal System Earth

Biannual Report 2004/2005 (PDF, German only)

Biannual Report 2002/2003 (PDF, German only)

Biannual Report 2000/2001 (PDF, German only)

Biannual Report 1998/1999 (digital version not available)

Biannual Report 1996/1997 (digital version not available)

Biannual Report 1994/1995 (digital version not available)

Biannual Report 1992/1993

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