Logo "GFZ German research centre for geo sciences"
Cover of the new issue of System Earth; above GFZ logo and title "System Erde" in blue, below "GFZ-Journal" in black; below image of light blue river flowing through a stony landscape, text: "Resource, Regulator, Risk: Water in System Earth".
The new issue of the GFZ journal "System Earth" shows some of the important contributions of the geosciences to the topic of water.
shirt, grey patterned jacket and black glasses in front of grey wall
Dirk Sachse, who conducts research at the GFZ in Section 4.6 Geomorphology, has been appointed Professor of Organic Geochemistry of the Earth Surface System at the HU Berlin.
Nine of the new trainees, dual students and FJN students in front of the pillar forum with the GFZ logo in the background.
We welcomed eleven new faces to the German Research Centre for Geosciences on 1 September. The GFZ wishes all new arrivals a joyful start to this new phase of their lives!
Joe Magnall, SEG Awards Logo
Dr Joseph Magnall receives the Waldemar Lindgren Award for his publications on the formation processes of zinc deposits.

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