The new director stands next to the press spokesperson, surrounded by around 100 GFZ employees. In the background, the building and the columned forum.
A warm welcome to our new Scientific Director of the GFZ! Prof. Susanne Buiter introduced herself to the staff on Tuesday, May 17, with an outdoor Q&A on Telegrafenberg.
Mapping heat flow: Greenland and the surrounding ocean floor hold great hope for geothermal energy as an alternative source of energy but have effectively been a blind spot so far.
View over the roofs of Berlin. Tower of Berlin in the background.
GFZ presents core messages from the joint "Roadmap Deep Geothermal Energy for Germany" at the Berlin Energy Days 2022.
Friedhelm von Blanckenburg sitting, leaning on the table. Computer in the backround.
ERC Advanced Grant for Friedhelm von Blanckenburg: The geochemist researches the weathering of basalt and limestone and the associated potential for removing atmospheric CO2.
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