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Prof. Dr. Charlotte Krawczyk

Prof. Dr. Charlotte Krawczyk
Building A 42, Room 107 (Büro)
Albert-Einstein-Straße 42-46
14473 Potsdam

Function and Responsibilities:

  • Spokesperson of the Programboard in the Research Field Earth&Environment
  • Director for scientific programme of GFZ in PoF-IV
  • Head of Section Geophysical Imaging
  • Professor for Geophysics with focus Seismics at TU Berlin

Research Interests:

  • Seismic methods and technical developments in applied geophysics
  • Geophysical imaging of deformation and mass transport
  • Sub-/seismic deformation analysis
  • Geodynamic interpretation


      > 2016    GFZ, Potsdam: Head of Section Geophysical Imaging
2013-2015    LIAG, Hannover: Vice Director
2007-2015    LIAG, Hannover: Head of Section Seismics~Gravimetry~Magnetics
2002-2007    GFZ Potsdam: senior scientist in section Lithosphere Dynamics
1997-2001    GFZ Potsdam: leadership of project group Northgerman Basin
1995-1997    GFZ Potsdam: post-doc, project management within DEKORP
1993             Texas A&M University: physical properties specialist (ODP leg 149)
1992-1995    GEOMAR Kiel: PhD-student in Geodynamics division
1991             AWI, Bremerhaven + GTZ, Frankfurt: scientific program in Brasil
1988-1991    Institute for Geophysics, Kiel: student helper in geophysics
1985              BSH, Hamburg: student helper in oceanography


2007      Professorship in Geophysics with focus Seismics at TU Berlin
1995      PhD in geophysics at GEOMAR and Kiel University
1991      Diploma in geophysics, Kiel University
1986      Vordiplom in oceanography/physics, Kiel University

Research Boards and Committees:

  • Senator for Geosciences at DFG
  • Chair of independent Expert Panel Fracking of the German Bundestag
  • Member of DFG Senate Commission Earth System Research
  • Chief Executive Editor and Member of the Editorial Board of the open access journal Solid Earth
  • President of the Seismology Division at European Geosciences Union (EGU; 2011-2015)
  • Member of Managing Board of Directors at German Geophysical Society (DGG; 2008-2016)
  • Chief Executive of Forschungskollegium Physik des Erdkörpers (FKPE; 2021-2023)
  • Secretary General of Forschungskollegium Physik des Erdkörpers (FKPE; 2013-2021)


  • 2018. Member of European Academy of Sciences. - Academia Europaea, London.
  • 2016. Member of National Academy of Science and Engineering. - acatech, Munich.
  • 2015. Offer of W3-professorship 'Geophysikalisches Processing mit Schwerpunkt Seismik'. TU Berlin, July 2015, responded.
  • 2015. Offer of W3-professorship 'Oberflächennahe Geophysik'. Universität Freiburg, Jan. 2015, declined.
  • 2014. Honorable note of awarded talk at Sageep2014 in the journal 'The Leading Edge' by the SEG.
  • 2013. Best of Near Surface 2013 (C.M.Krawczyk, U.Polom, A.Malehmir, M.Bastani). - EAGE, Houten/NL.
  • 2011. Member of AcademiaNet. - Robert Bosch Foundation, 'Excellent Scientists in sight'.
  • 2010. Best of Near Surface 2010 (U.Polom, J.-S.L'Heureux, L.Hansen, I.Lecomte, O.Longva, C.M.Krawczyk). - EAGE, Houten/NL.
  • 2009.  C.F. Gauss-Lecture at General Assembly European Geosciences Union. - EGU, Vienna/Austria.
  • 2009. Best Poster Award (U.Micksch & C.M.Krawczyk). - IGCP559 committee at EGU session 'Active source images of the crust', Vienna/Austria.
  • 1994 and1995. PROCOPE-Stipends.

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