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Talent Management

The GFZ seeks to promote talent and facilitate career paths:

Talent management begins with schoolchildren, who are given the opportunity to gain an insight into the exciting Geosciences topics at the GFZ's GeoLab. The vocational training at the GFZ is of course also a part of this strategy.

A core area of talent management at the GFZ is the support and encouragement of the next generation of scientists. Graduates with particularly good qualifications can work on their doctoral studies here and are supported by the centre in many ways. To ensure that conditions for doctoral studies are equally beneficial for everyone, please follow the guidelines for the completion of PhD projects within the Helmholtz Association and the guidelines for structured training of doctoral students at the GFZ.

Within the framework of our continued professional training programme, we offer language courses on an ongoing basis, as well as target-group oriented training as required.

Structured annual employee appraisals are part of our standards.

To encourage and develop talents for managerial functions in science and administration, the GFZ recommends taking part in the Helmholtz Management Academy programme.

Support for young female executives is available also, via the Helmholtz Mentoring Programme.

Not all talented employees promoted by the GFZ want to or are able to stay with the centre long-term. Their professional development is being supported equally. Our guideline on fixed-term employment contracts ensures transparency for every career stage and optimum support by the management and the centre in general.

Furthermore, the management team orientate themselves on their collectively developed management guidelines.

To select those employees with a long-term professional outlook, the GFZ has developed its own indefinite extension procedure. The guidelines drawn up for the indefinite extension of work contracts reflect two interests of the GFZ: the long-term loyalty of exceptionally skilled and motivated employees, and fairness with respect to all employees.

The GFZ is committed to equal opportunities for women and men in science and administration, as well as family friendly working and framework conditions. We are aiming to continually increase the percentage of women in key positions in the coming years.

You can find further information about career and talent management within the Helmholtz Association on their  "Jobs & Talent" website.

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