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Transfer and Innovation

We are concerned with the transfer of knowledge, technologies and other findings from the GFZ to society, politics and business, as well as the dialogue interaction with stakeholders from these areas. We support our scientists so that their research results find their way into application in business and society and thus become real innovations. We promote:

  • Knowledge transfer with society and politics: We act as an interface between research at the GFZ and societal stakeholders. We contribute to the use and application of our scientific findings in politics, administration and civil society through information, advisory and continuing education formats.
  • Technology transfer with industry: We cooperate with companies in the field of research and development (e.g. contract research, collaborative research projects, use of infrastructure, licensing, networks, industry workshops) and facilitate the founding of new companies as spin-offs and start-ups from the GFZ.
  • Innovations from research: We support our researchers in the further development of their innovative ideas, among other things in the form of consulting (patents, business models, spin-offs), the promotion of internal innovation projects, the marketing of software and data, and via application-oriented platforms such as the Helmholtz Innovation Labs.

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