GFZ German research centre for geo sciences

Charter of Diversity

In June 2021 the German Research Centre for Geosciences signed the Diversity Charter.

Within the framework of the Diversity Charter, we will:

  • ... cultivate a centre culture characterised by mutual respect and appreciation of each and every individual. We create the conditions for supervisors and employees to recognise, share and live these values. Managers and supervisors have a special obligation in this respect.
  • ... review our human resources processes and ensure that they reflect the diverse skills and talents of all employees and our performance standards.
  • ... recognise the diversity of society within and outside the German Research Centre for Geosciences, value the potential it contains and use it to the benefit of the GFZ.
  • ... make the implementation of the Charter a topic of internal and external dialogue.
  • ... report publicly on our activities and progress in promoting diversity and appreciation on an annual basis.
  • ... inform our employees about diversity and involve them in the implementation of the Charter.

The topic of diversity and equal opportunities is also clearly reflected in the Foundation Statutes of the German Research Centre for Geosciences. Here, § 12 point 5 sentence 2 states: "A culture that promotes equality, tolerance and non-discrimination shall be ensured in the Foundation".

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