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Dr. Anne Glerum

Dr. Anne Glerum
Haus A 46, Raum 211 (Büro)
Albert-Einstein-Straße 42-46
14473 Potsdam

Funktion und Aufgaben:

Anne uses numerical modelling to explore geodynamic processes in both global and regional context. During her PhD at Utrecht University, she extended ASPECT for application to complex models of lithospheric subduction, including nonlinear, viscoplastic rheologies and realistic, data-driven set-ups. With these models she investigated the control mantle dynamics exert on the present-day crustal deformation of the Eastern Mediterranean.

As part of the CRYSTALS group of Dr. Sascha Brune, she worked on regional- and local-scale models of the East African Rift System, concentrating on discriminating between the contributions of rift dynamics and mantle flow to the motion of the Victoria microplate. Other interests include magma-tectonic feedback and surface processes during rifting.

With Dr. Sarah Gleeson, Dr. Philipp Weis, Dr. Sascha Brune and Dr. Joseph Magnall, Anne now works on unraveling the tectonic control on sediment-hosted metal deposits in rift basins. To this end they are developing a coupled workflow where ASPECT provides the broader geodynamic context for smaller-scale hydrothermal fluid flow modeling.

For more information, please visit Anne's personal website.

Wissenschaftliche Interessen:

I am interested in the numerical modeling of processes across temporal and spatial scales in continental rift settings, with surface processes such as erosion and sedimentation, geothermal fluid flow and ore deposition being some of the smaller-scale processes.

On the technical side, I enjoy code development and learning how to optimize the open source development process.

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