"I would like to see young people getting involved in the search process"

Interview │"I would like to see young people getting involved in the search process". Published in GFZ-Journal “System Earth: No nuclear waste repository without geoscience".

Fridays for Future and scientists researching on the topic of a nuclear waste repository are on the same page in many things: Josef Zens (GFZ) in an interview with Anna Ducksch and Simon Jüngling (Fridays for Future) as well as Sophia Morawietz and Dr. Moritz Ziegler (young researchers at the GFZ).

An experiment: Four young people talk about their respective involvement. Two are active in Fridays for Future in Potsdam, the other two are young researchers at the GFZ German Research Centre for Geosciences and also organize meetings ⁠ from Potsdam's Telegrafenberg — the Decay Days ⁠— for young researchers working on the topic of finding a final repository. Both topics have a lot in common: climate protection is discussed controversially and also highly emotionally at times, and the same applies to the topic of finding a final repository. Both topics are associated with fears. And both issues primarily affect future generations.

What does the one side know about the other? Why are they involved? Is each party interested in the other topic?

Link to the interview (Download PDF)

Link to System Erde

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