Technologies for the energy transition - GFZ-report evaluates deep geothermal energy

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The flagship project “Technologien für die Energiewende (Technologies for the Energy Transition)” of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology presents 26 Technology Reports. The reports provide the basis for the formulation of the 7th Energy Research Programme of the German Federal Government. The Technology Report on deep geothermal energy was written under the direction of Ernst Huenges, Head of GFZ section Geothermal Energy Systems.

The GFZ report on deep geothermal energy highlights the status and the options of future development of deep geothermal energy systems in a national and international context. In conclusion the market potential for electricity and heat from geothermal energy systems is expected to rise significantly in Germany by 2050. “We are confident that with decreasing investment costs the lifespan of geothermal energy plants will expand from 30 to 50 years” says Huenges. Further research and development is needed in the fields of system and operation optimization. In increasing importance for the energy system is expected for thermal underground storage as well as heat supply for urban areas.

The Energy Research Programme of the German Federal Government serves as an instrument for energy policy decisions and orientations for research goals over the next five to ten years. The preparation of the 7th Energy Research Programme was scientifically supported by the flagship project “Technologien für die Energiewende”. As a result of the project the now published 26 Technology Reports each provide an overview of the innovation and market potential of different energy technologies as well as their chances and risks within the framework of the Energy Transition. Based on this, future research needs within the different research fields are assessed. The Technology Reports will now serve as a basis for the strategic alignment of the 7th Energy Research Programme (jh/ak).

Technology Report: Heumann, A., Huenges, E., 2017. Technologiebericht 1.2 Tiefengeothermie. In: Wuppertal Institut, ISI, IZES (Hrsg.): Technologien für die Energiewende. Teilbericht 2 an das Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Energie (BMWi). Wuppertal, Karlsruhe, Saarbrücken.

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