Section 4.8: Geoenergy

We are aimed on the utilization of the upper crust for geothermal energy and storage systems for thermal energy and energy materials. We develop technologies for making use of the underground in the context of a sustainable, environmentally friendly energy supply. We will focus on new domestic heating/cooling concepts that include hydrothermal and petro-thermal heat, and developing options for geological storage of large amounts (TWh) of excess heat and energy carriers. The main purpose of our work in the Section Geoenergy is the exploration and development of reservoirs for energy purposes.

We approach these topics in a comprehensive, holistic way, the researchers in our section have background in various disciplines of Earth science and engineering disciplines addressing

Providing solutions to discover targets for urban heating and subsurface storage space based on methods of rock (incl. geomechanics) and fluid physics , experiments under simulated in situ conditions, incl. seismic & electrical tomography (Lab) and their integration in field exploration to the temperature and hydraulic field of the Earth, lithology, and structures in collaboration with special geophysical competence groups. The characterization includes enlightening natural processes based on experimental studies of fluid-fluid-rock/mineral interactions (e.g. H2) where target material is involved.

Workflows to develop targets for the energetic underground use, which includes methods of reservoir engineering, such as its stimulation und testing, thermal und hydraulic well logging, and innovative technologies of fibre optics such as DTS (temperature) and DAS (acoustics). Integration of data from actions in deep boreholes and laboratory process simulation using HTMC-modelling will lead to deliver safe man made treatments of the underground.

Competencies of this group comprise exploitation technologies demonstrated by operation of plants to recover geothermal heat and enable thermal storage, CO2 -, or H2-storage. Operation of research platforms (e.g. Groß Schönebeck, Berlin/Potsdam-projects) and the integration of geoenergy in energy supply systems and outreach of the results to the public are in the focus. Main task is monitoring of systems in operation to ensure wellbore integrity and safeness of the environment. Monitoring technologies based on integrative geophysical and geochemical multimethod systems strongly contribute to the validation of simulation of the operations.

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