Report | Training course on sustainable energy concepts

Training course on sustainable energy concepts (Foto: E. Huenges, GFZ).

On 2 September, a five-day training course on sustainable energy concepts, jointly led by experts from GFZ, the Research Council of Oman (TRC) and the Centre for Community Service & Continuing Education at Sultan Qaboos University (SQU), started at SQU in Muscat, Oman. The course is supported by our partners from the TU Berlin, the Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin (HZB), the HTW Berlin and the Beuth University of Applied Sciences Berlin.

Around 30 registered participants from across Oman are attending the training. Zahran Al Salti, Director of the Centre for Community Service & Continuing Education at SQU, said: “The free training course is targeting graduates from engineering and geosciences disciplines to provide latest updates on sustainable energy and related fields to enhance their employability and soft skills.”

The GFZ initiated a long lasting collaboration with the Sultanate of Oman. The joint aim is to strengthen the research- and innovation system in the sector of sustainable energy concepts and related topics in Oman. Ali Al Shidhani, Director of the research centres of the TRC: “We appreciate the collaboration between TTC and the Helmholtz Association (GFZ) and we believe that the project about continuous cooling is an excellent start into future projects.“

The research co-operation initiative leaded by Ernst Huenges, Head of Section Geothermal Energy Systems, had started in 2015 with a project on testing of a continuously operating cooling system using geothermal and solar heat sources and underground storage systems. The GFZ’s activities are coordinated by Felina Schütz: “It is fascinating to introduce alternative technologies for a sustainable use of the underground to the young generation of a country with such a unique geology.” (ks)

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