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Section 4.8: Geoenergy

The Geothermal Research Platform Groß Schönebeck is a reference laboratory for the development of geothermal technologies in hydrothermal reservoir rock with low permeability. Two research wells form a geothermal doublet and give access to water-bearing horizons at depths between 3,9 and 4,4 km at temperatures of 150 °C.

Fluid Monitoring Lab

The lab contains devices that can be used to monitor chemical and physicochemical parameters in natural and synthetic geothermal fluids.



LARS is large volume experimental apparatus for the investigation of anthropogenic induces and natural occurring reservoir processes under simulated in situ conditions in the lab.


By measuring the permeability of the rock as well as the electric conductivity and pH of the pore fluid one obtains an information about the dynamics of fluid-rock interactions.

Hydrogen Laboratory

For our research on hydrogen storage, we operate a dedicated, separate hydrogen laboratory.


Mit der schwenkbaren Autoklaveneinheit, die mit flexiblen Probenzellen bestückt ist, werden Hydrothermalexperimente bei Temperatur- und Druckbedingungen bis 400°C und 500 bar durchgeführt.

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