Section 4.8: Geoenergy

Research fields:

Geothermal (Urban) Heat Supply GE

middle deep reservoirs (< 60°C)
deep reservoirs (> 60°C)

  • Innercity exploration, e.g. Berlin, Hamburg
  • Characterisation of the reservoirs and their cap rocks
  • Innercity drilling
  • Special concept to access the reservoir (stimulation)
  • Integration into energy supply systems

Thermal Storage TS

Underground Warmth and Cold Storage in Cities

  • Innercity exploration, e.g. Berlin, Hamburg
  • Protection of drinking water, well integrity, monitoring
  • Integration in energy supply systems

Geological Storage GS

Carbon Capture Storage and Utilization (CCS/U)
Hydrogen storage as key for future energy systems

  • Exploration close to utilisation, e.g. huge windfarms and electrolyse plants
  • Reactions of injected fluid (e.g. H2) with formation fluid und -rock and interaction with gas components (CO2, O2) and organic rock components (e.g. coal, oil, gas)
  • Integrity of wells, storage space, and cap rocks (steel, porosity, permeability)

Working groups:

Development of concepts for underground storage of fluids

Evaluation of coupled processes on the reservoir scale by laboratory experiments and numerical simulation

Advanced Reservoir Engineering Concepts (ARES) Young Investigators Group Leader: Prof. Dr. Hannes Hofmann

Development and validation of advanced reservoir engineering concepts with focus on Enhanced Geothermal Systems (EGS)

exploring the Earth’s thermal field and geothermal resources | identifying geological priority targets for different geoenergy utilizations

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