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Winches and logging cables

Conventional logging equipment

Standard logging equipment for borehole measurement up to 5000m

All functional units (aggregate, hydraulic unit, control unit and two winches) are integrate in a standard 20’ sea container.

Technical parameter:

Size:                                                       20‘ Sea container
Weight:                                                 12 t
Aggregate:                                           50 kW Deutz
Fuel:                                                       24 h
Logging speed:                                  2 – 60 m / min.

Cable length:
Winch 1:                                               6000 m
Winch 2:                                               5000 m

Cable Type: 
Winch 1:                                               Rochester Typ 4 - H - 220D
Winch 2:                                               Rochester Typ 4 - H - 402K

Portable winch

For field trips a very mobile winch was developed. The complete system is integrated in a standard Zargesbox (l,w,h: 80x60x40 cm3 ) and has a weight of just 65 kg. The winch is powered by 140 W motor and provides a capacity of 1000m 1/10" Vectorcable. The winch speed can be controlled between 0 and 10 m/min.

The following slim hole equipment (diameter: 28mm) is available:

  • Metal dummy
  • Analogue temperature probe with a range by 5 -- 80 °C, an accuracy by 0.1K and max. pressure by 150 bar
  • Analogue waterlevel probe
  • Cablehead

All data incl. depth and speed are recorded with a logging unit UNI 2000.
The measuring system can be powered by a 500 VA power unit. For the use of a car battery an additional transverter is required.

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