Three more spin-offs from GFZ in 2019

The German Research Centre for Geosciences has seen 15 spin-offs in the past 15 years.

The German Research Centre for Geosciences GFZ in Potsdam supports employees in translating knowledge into new products or services. The Technology Transfer section advises and supports founders, for example in the selection and use of funding programmes such as Helmholtz Enterprise or EXIST. Regional networks are also at hand, for example the start-up programme at the University of Potsdam or the Start-up Academy in Golm.

In 2019, three new companies from the GFZ community set out to bring their ideas to market. "With three spin-offs, we were able to maintain the gratifyingly high number from the previous year in 2019. This shows the great innovative potential of GFZ and the founding spirit of our employees," says Jörn Krupa, head of technology transfer at GFZ. "With the three new companies - rad. Data, IWES and GeoSPS - it has been possible to realize on average one new company formation per year over the past 15 years".

As in previous years, the business models of the current spin-offs are aimed at the software sector. "Specific software solutions and data-driven applications are one of the strengths of technology transfer at GFZ and form the basis of its spin-offs," explains Martin Otto, who is responsible for spin-offs in the technology transfer team. The three new companies are based in Potsdam and Berlin, respectively.

rad.Data Spectral Analytics UG

The rad.Data Spectral Analytics UG, founded among others by Christian Mielke and Friederike Körting from GFZ section Remote Sensing and Geoinformatics, offers software-based services and product developments for the international mining industry. Digital image evaluation is intended to significantly increase the efficiency of exploration, mining and refining of mineral resources. With appropriate adaptation along the entire value chain, the imaging methods can quickly and reliably provide new bases for decision-making for different target groups. In order to offer turnkey solutions for mining companies, service providers and financing providers, rad. Data cooperates with sensor manufacturers and international distribution partners. The spin-off was supported by the Helmholtz Enterprise Program in the pre-foundation phase as HySpecMap or ReSens +.

Innovative Water and Environmental Solutions (IWES) UG

Innovative Water and Environmental Solutions (IWES) UG from GFZ section Hydrology also offers services, mainly in the form of consulting and studies for public clients in the field of remote sensing based monitoring of environment and water resources. IWES furthermore intends to participate in future consortia for third-party funded projects and research cooperation.

GeoSPS UG (Geo Smart Phone Solutions)

The GeoSPS UG (Geo Smart Phone Solutions) of Harald Schuh, head of GFZ section Space Geodetic Techniques, and Mahdi Alizadeh, guest scientist in the section, also offers software-based services and products. With the help of a self-developed algorithm (GASPP: GNSS Assisted Smartphone Precise Positioning), the start-up significantly increases the accuracy of positioning data from smartphones. As a first step, it is developing a service for platform providers and companies in the field of the "Internet of Things" (IoT).

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