Doris Dransch appointed to the "Committee for Academic Libraries and Information Systems" of DFG

Doris Dransch appointed to the "Committee for Academic Libraries and Information Systems" of DFG

Prof. Dr. Doris Dransch has been appointed to the Committee for Scientific Libraries and Information Systems of the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG, German Research Foundation) for the period 2022 to 2025. Dransch will primarily represent the topics of data science and eScience there.

The Committee on Academic Libraries and Information Systems (AWBI) advises the DFG on all projects and measures to develop and promote the provision of scientific information. It has 18 members. They represent the entire thematic spectrum of scientific information infrastructures as well as the various scientific disciplines. The committee represents both the providers of infrastructures and the users.
In carrying out its tasks, the AWBI addresses the current requirements of scientific information infrastructures, picks up on new developments and identifies the fields that are to be developed or further developed with targeted funding initiatives.

All proposed measures aim to create the most open access possible to scientifically relevant information, to research data and to working and communication platforms. In doing so, the DFG consistently advocates the paradigm of Open Science.

Areas in which the AWBI plays an advisory role are the DFG's national and international cooperations in the field of information infrastructure. This includes the alliance initiative "Digital Information" of the German science organisations as well as the DFG's participation in the European expert network "Knowledge Exchange" and in Science Europe.

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