„Zukunftstag“ at the GFZ – The Earth is our laboratory

'Zukunftstag' 2018 at the GFZ (photo: GFZ).

On 26 April the 16th „Zukunftstag“ (future career day) takes place – the GFZ participates with the slogan “The Earth is our laboratory”. For an entire day 30 schoolchildren gain an insight into the daily work of scientists at the GFZ.

The girls and boys visit the Satellite Laser Ranging Station, the SIMS laboratory where smallest particles are investigated, and look over the shoulders of the operators of the GEOFON seismic network. They get the opportunity to talk to scientists and get to know about the degree course in geosciences by talking to a student. In the afternoon, the girls and boys slip into the shoes of geoscientists themselves by experimenting with Lego seismometers, exploring mountain building, or work with microscopes. And who knows, maybe there are future apprentices or scientists among them?

The “Zukunftstag” for 7th grade schoolchildren provides them with an insight into different fields of profession in companies, organisations, universities, and other institutions in the State of Brandenburg. This supports the girls and boys for their choice of career. Minister of Education Britta Ernst: “During the ‘Zukunftstag’ the girls and boys get the chance to gain insights into different fields of profession beyond traditional gender barriers, boys get acquainted with social careers, girls with technical careers”. The Brandenburg “Zukunftstag” takes place during the nationwide Girl’s and Boy’s Day and is supported by means of the European Social Fund and organized by the Ministry of Education. (ak)

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