SET Plan 2014 Side Event - The role of subsurface for the future of energy supply

SET Plan Conference 2014 - Side Event

The use of subsurface for the future of energy supply is the topic of a side event organized by the International Centre for Geothermal Research ICGR International Centre for Geothermal Research ICGR of the GFZ within the frame of the “SET Plan Conference 2014”. 

The “SET Plan Conference 2014” takes place 10th to 11th of December 2014 in Rome, Italy. At this conference a roadmap is to be worked out for the future of European energy policy and research.
The future of energy supply will involve an enhanced energetic use of the subsurface. Therefore the aim of this side event with the title "Energy and Earth's underground - Multiple sources and storage options" is to identify potential synergetic opportunities of even competing options of the energetic use of the subsurface. A special focus will be on the support of research on a sustainable use of this subsurface energy potential.

The event organized by ICGR, is coordinated by the “Joint Programme Geothermal Energy" of the European Energy-Research Alliance EERA. In addition to Prof. Klaus Töpfer, executive director of the IASS Potsdam, other renowned speakers like Prof. Barberi, President of the National Volcanic Group, Italy and Dr. Jonathan Pearce, British Geological Service, will participate in the side event. The side event takes place at 10th December, 1 pm to 2:30 pm in the Auditorium Antonianum, Sala San Bernardino, main floor. For more information please see here.

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