Report | Remote sensing in Polar Regions - iCUPE project meeting at GFZ

Autumn on the tundra. View from the Toolik Field Station in North Central Alaska (photo: Alison Beamish).

On 26 and 27 March a project meeting of the iCUPE 'Integrative and Comprehensive Understanding on polar environments' consortium of the ‘European network for observing our changing planet’ (ERA-Planet) takes place at GFZ, organized by GFZ section Remote Sensing and Geoinformatics.

During the meeting, the project coordinator Tuukka Petäjä of the University of Helsinki, members of the project office, and representatives from each partner institute will review the status of current work, completed by scientific presentations and discussions.

The ERA-Planet network is funded by the European Union and includes 35 partners from all over Europe that work in the field of Earth observation. It comprises four projects with iCUPE being one of them. The aim of iCUPE is to improve the understanding of sources and sinks of arctic pollution, and to access environmental and anthropogenic changes in polar areas by analyzing satellite data and developing modelling frameworks. GFZ is one of 13 partners of the project and contributes to the aspects of monitoring ground-based components for climate forcers like methane and carbon dioxide or mapping vegetation changes and light pollution in Arctic areas. (ak)

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