Report | Colombian Trade Minister and Ambassador visiting GFZ

Teilnehmende des Besuchs des kolumbianischen Ministers für Handel, Industrie und Tourismus sowie des kolumbianischen Botschafters in Deutschland am GFZ (Foto: C. Bismuth, GFZ).

On 8 March 2019, José Manuel Restrepo, Colombian Minister for Trade, Industry, and Tourism, and Hans-Peter Knudsen, Colombian Ambassador to Germany, visited GFZ. Reinhard Hüttl, GFZ‘s Scientific Executive Director, and scientists from different GFZ sections reported on current and planned research projects in the Andean country.

Together with the University of Potsdam, GFZ is currently carrying out research on geological risks in the Colombian Andes in a two-year preparatory measure, funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, in cooperation with Colombian universities and the Colombian State Geological Survey. The cooperation is planned to be further expanded in the future, the Minister and the Ambassador offered their support in the further implementation. (ak)

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