Personalia | Two new Helmholtz Young Investigator Groups at the GFZ

Dr. Patricia Martínez-Garzón (photo: private).
Dr. Sergey Lobanov (photo: private).

Last year, two scientists successfully applied for a Helmholtz Young Investigator Group at the GFZ. A six year’s funding for Patricia Martínez-Garzón, GFZ section Geomechanics and Rheology, started in January. The group of Sergey Lobanov, section Chemistry and Physics of Earth materials, will start in July 2018.

The Young Investigator Group of Martínez-Garzón “SAIDAN: Seismic and Aseismic Deformation in the Brittle Crust: Implications for Anthropogenic and Natural Hazard” will deal with deformation processes of the upper Earth’s crust, like for example earthquakes. The group will - among others - cooperate with the Ruhr University of Bochum, the California Institute of Technology, and the University of Southern California. Martínez-Garzón works at the GFZ since 2011. She already worked here for the PhD project and held post doc position.

In his Helmholtz Group “CLEAR: The color of the Earth’s mantle: Physical properties of the deep Earth through spectroscopic studies at high pressure and temperature”, Sergey Lobanov will investigate physical properties of the Earth’s mantle and core, such as thermal and electrical conductivity. He will cooperate closely with the University of Potsdam, Institute of Earth and Environmental Sciences.

Every year, the Helmholtz Association funds up to 20 new Young Investigator Groups. Last year, 16 new groups were funded. Successful applicants must have between two and six years of postdoctoral research experience, including experience abroad. Their research project must be consistent with the Helmholtz Association’s six fields of research. (ak)

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