Personalia | Michelson-Prize for Robert Emberson

Dr. Robert Emberson (Foto: N. Hovius, GFZ)

22.06.2017: Robert Emberson, former PhD student in the GFZ section Geomorphology, was honored with the Michelson-Prize of the University of Potsdam for the best dissertation of the academic year 2016/2017 in the field of natural sciences. Emberson finished his dissertation “Chemical Weathering driven by Bedrock Landslides” with summa cum laude.

In his work, Emberson investigated how bedrock landslides in mountainous areas influence chemical weathering and weathering processes. Landslides increase the internal surface and promote dissolution of minerals into the circulating water. Based on the results the role of landslides on the carbon cycle can be better assessed.

Since 2009 the Faculty of Science of the University of Potsdam honors the best dissertation of the academic year. This year two PhD students were honored by the prize endowed with 1500 Euros, which will thus be shared. Niels Hovius, head of the GFZ section Geomorphology and doctoral supervisor of Robert Emberson, accepted the prize on behalf of Emberson. (pe)

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