Personalia | Axel Liebscher takes over ICDP Chairmanship

ICDP-Vorsitz von Prof. Brian Horsfield (links) an Dr. Axel Liebscher übertragen (Foto: U. Harms, GFZ).

07.06.2017: On the meeting of the executive committee of the International Continental Scientific Drilling Program ICDP in Kiruna, Sweden, Brian Horsfield, former Head of the GFZ section Organic Geochemistry, hands over the position of chairman of the executive committee to Axel Liebscher, Head of the GFZ section Geological Storage.

Axel Liebscher works at the GFZ since 2000 and habilitated in 2008 at the Technical University of Berlin in Petrology, Mineralogy, and Geochemistry. Among other positions he was scientific coordinator of the Ketzin pilot project, Europes largest research project on the geological storage of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide.

After six years of successful ICDP executive committee Chairmanchip Brian Horsfield resigns from office at his own request. Under his direction twelve ICDP funded drilling projects were operated, several new members gained, and the cooperation with partner organizations like the International Ocean Discovery Program IODP and the Deep Carbon Observatory DCO were strengthened. In 2013 the ICDP undertook a strategic realignment under Horsfield’s chairmanship to put more emphasis on the social relevance of ICDP projects. (ak)

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