Personalia | Danish hydrologist Arnbjerg-Nielsen spends a sabbatical at GFZ

Prof. Karsten Arnbjerg-Nielsen (photo: GFZ).

Karsten Arnbjerg-Nielsen, professor at the Department of Environmental Engineering of the Technical University of Denmark DTU in Copenhagen, spends a sabbatical in GFZ section Hydrology.

From August 2018 to January 2019, he will closely work together with scientists from the GFZ-section Hydrology on topics related to changes in flood risk. The sabbatical, funded by the DTU, aims at further strengthening the collaboration between DTU and GFZ section Hydrology.

For more than a decade, Karsten Arnbjerg‐Nielsen has focused on research aiming at understanding climate change impacts from a hydrologist’s perspective. He aims at transferring knowledge from research into the development of sustainable and livable smart cities. To do so he, for example, addresses the question of how cities can use water in a sustainable way to make them more resilient against climate extremes.

For his research Arnbjerg-Nielsen combines statistics and modelling approaches to simulate precipitation extremes and urban drainage, and uses risk assessments and methods of risk management of rivers and climate change impacts. (ak)

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