Personalia | Bigsby Medal of the Geological Society of London for Liane G. Benning

Bigsby Medaille der Geological Society of London für Liane G. Benning.

8.6.2016: Today, Prof. Liane G. Benning, Head of the GFZ section Interface Geochemistry, is awarded the Bigsby Medal of the Geological Society of London. This medal is awarded biennially 'as an acknowledgement of eminent services to Geology'.

The Prize was founded by the English physician, paleontologist, and geologist John Jeremiah Bigsby (1792 - 1881) and is awarded to scientists with no more than 25 years full time equivalent research. Besides her Professorship at the FU Berlin in Interface Geochemistry, in a joint appointment with the GFZ, Liane G. Benning is a Professor in Experimental Biogeochemistry at the University of Leeds. Her research addresses geochemical reaction mechanisms at low to hydrothermal temperatures in inorganic and biologic systems. (ak)

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