POTSDAM SUMMER SCHOOL 2021 | Water: Our Global Common Good - The Hydrosphere across Land and Sea

The Potsdam Summer School is aimed at talented young researchers and young professionals from the private sector, government agencies and non-governmental organizations from all over the world. Applications are now possible. The application deadline...

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The pulse of the Dead Sea

Surrounding land reacts to fluctuations in the water level

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Using molecular biology to search for oil and gas

Using molecular biology to search for oil and gas: Within the new EU project PROSPECTOMICS, five international partners develop environmentally-friendly exploration methods.

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A rock with many perspectives

The chequered history of the Cambro-Ordovician Alum Shale in northern Europe offers insights into oil and gas formation and traces of life on Mars.

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Five principles for climate-safe communities and cities

Scientists from 11 institutions publish a joint statement on dealing with extreme events. They present five principles for climate-safe communities and cities.

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Irina Zhelavskaya receives Friedrich Robert Helmert Prize for outstanding PhD thesis

Irina Zhelavskaya receives Friedrich Robert Helmert Prize for her outstanding PhD thesis.

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New web platform for planning flood prevention in cities

Based on open data and calculations in the cloud, hazards can be mapped and the effects of protective and preventive measures can be estimated.

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Why does the water have such power?

Interview with Michael Dietze on the mechanisms behind destructive floods: How even roads and houses are washed away.

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Visiting Professor in China

PD Dr. Hans-Martin Schulz has been appointed visiting professor at Central South University (CSU) in China.

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Increased summer rainfall alters the carbon cycle in the Arctic

Arctic rivers transport more nutrients and carbon - with potential impacts on water quality, food chains, and released greenhouse gases.

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Additional News

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Early warning system for dams at risk

Better calculation of stress in the underground

How hot can it be for life to exist deep below the ocean floor?

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