Dr Hella Wittmann-Oelze receives the Eugen-Seibold-Medal

Dr. Hella Wittmann-Oelze was awarded the Eugen Seibold Medal at the annual conference of the 'Deutsche Geologische Gesellschaft - Geologische Vereinigung DGGV' on 22 September. With the medal, the DGGV honours extraordinary scientific achievements in the field of geosciences. The prize is awarded either for an outstanding individual publication or for a series of publications.

Hella Wittmann-Oelze receives the honour for ten consecutive publications that made groundbreaking progress in quantifying sediment production and transport through river basins to the oceans. Hella Wittmann-Oelze innovatively developed methods that use cosmogenic nuclides to accurately determine material cycles and the ageing of the Earth's surface.

The DGGV named the following publication as representative of the group of publications honoured with the medal: Wittmann, H. & von Blanckenburg, F. (2016): The geological significance of cosmogenic nuclides in large lowland river basins. - Earth Science Reviews 159, 118-141.

At GFZ, Hella Wittmann-Oelze is head of the "Cosmogenic Nuclide Laboratory" (Clean Lab 1000+) in the section "Geochemistry of the Earth's Surface". She is a researcher at GFZ since 2009.

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