Helmholtz Enterprise Spin-Off: TRIDEC-Cloud – Web-based platform for reliable hazard potential estimation

30.01.2015: Quickly translating research findings into applications and thereby contributing to economic and social benefits – that is the goal of the funding program “Helmholtz-Enterprise“. Three new spin-offs from Helmholtz Centers have been...

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Climate change in Central America: The Demise of a Precolombian City

29.01.2015: Why the mysterious Mesoamerican city of Cantona with 90,000 inhabitants was abandoned between 900 and 1050 A.D. might be a plot for the next Indiana-Jones movie. In fact, this question is the issue of a study of a group of American,...

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28.01.2015: Kick-off-Meeting SIBYL

On January 28, the kick off meeting of SIBYL (SeIsmic monitoring and vulneraBilitY framework for civiL protection) will take place at the GFZ. SIBYL’s aim is to develop an operational framework for Civil Protection (CP) authorities to rapidly and...

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Volcano domes and the european water cycle: renowned grants for GFZ-researchers

26.01.2015: Two research grants from the European Research Council ERC awarded to GFZ scientists.

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Resources back in focus?

This question will be dealt with on January 23rd at a lecture event of the Association of Friends and Sponsors of the GFZ. Experts from...

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Annual Press Conference of the GFZ

22.01.2015: Anlässlich seiner Jahrespressekonferenz präsentierte das Deutsche GeoForschungsZentrum GFZ einen Rückblick auf seine Forschungsaktivitäten im vergangenen und einem Ausblick auf einige geplante Projekte im neuen Jahr. Im Beisein von...

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Koyna: Drilling into the rupture zone of a reservoir-triggered magnitude 6 earthquake

16.01.2015: The Koyna projectThe Koyna drilling project in India aims at drilling into the rupture zone of the 1967 M6.3 earthquake, the largest ever recorded reservoir-triggered earthquake that caused 200 fatalities.

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Volcano Eruption on Cape Verde Island

15.01.2015: A new volcano eruption commenced on Fogo, one of the Cape Verde Islands, on November 23rd, 2014. This eruption continues to date, and is considered to be the largest eruption by volume, and in terms of damage, on the archipelago for over...

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Visiting Humboldt Research Fellow Dr. Animesh Gainat GFZ

Dr. Animesh Gain, Ca’ Foscari University of Venice, is visiting Humboldt Research Fellow at GFZ section Hydrology, holding a Georg Foster research grant.

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Graveyard of subduction zones

11.01.2014: A team with Prof. Dr. Michael Weber, head of GFZ-Section Geophysical Deep Sounding, found evidence for a to date unknown stagnant slab in the mantle transition zone in ca. 400 km...

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Additional News

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