Arctic regions release more and more CO2

Large study connects data from more than 100 observatories monitoring carbon dioxide emissions.

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What happens under the Yellowstone Volcano

Study provides information about the processes deep inside the Earth.

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Report | A new science movie: The Skin of the Earth – Where Life meets Rocks

A new science movie: The Skin of the Earth – Where Life meets Rocks.

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Two of the highest European research prizes awarded to GFZ

Liane G. Benning and Stephan Sobolev each receive around three million Euro in funding for projects on snow algae and the history of the Earth's origins.

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Personalia | Fabrice Cotton is new chariman of EFEHR consortium

Fabrice Cotton has been elected chairman of the European Facilities for Earthquake Hazard and Risk consortium EFEHR.

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Early warning signals heralded fatal collapse of Krakatau volcano

GFZ researchers reconstruct the flank collapse event that triggered a tsunami which killed 430 people in December 2018 – new approach towards better early warning systems.

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Erdbeben der Magnitude 5,7 im Marmarameer bei Istanbul

Marco Bohnhoff, Deutsches GeoForschungsZentrums GFZ: „Wir beobachten die Vorgänge sehr genau.“

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Das Langzeitgedächtnis unseres Klimasystems im Fokus

Helmholtz-Einrichtungen liefern wichtige Beiträge zum IPCC Sonderbericht zu Ozean und Kryosphäre

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Personalia | Kirk Bryan Award for three GFZ scientists

Kirk Bryan Award for Kristen Cook, Jens Turowski, ans Niels Hovius.

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Interview | "A great opportunity for our method development" - interview with Maximilian Semmling, head of GNSS reflectometry working group

"A great opportunity for our method development" - Maximilian Semmling on GNSS reflectometry and his research project within the Arctic expedition MOSAiC.

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Additional News

María Chapela Lara

Humboldt Fellow María Chapela Lara in Section 3.3 Earth Surface Geochemistry

Oliver Bens

Oliver Bens new Co-Director of the Central - Asian Institute for Applied Geosciences...

Christoph Sens-Schönfelder joined the Editorial Board of the Geophysical Journal...

News | The DFG Priority Program DOME boosts ore deposit research at GFZ

Digital Earth received the special "Digital Science Award" at the Digital Leader Award...

Rebirth of a volcano

Giant particle accelerator in the sky

Drought in Europe decreases carbon uptake and crop yields

Failures of Germany‘s largest cliff coast sensed by seismometers

Artificial Intelligence Learns Continental Hydrology