Bericht |“Asien – Ein dynamischer Kontinent“. Fortbildung für Lehrende und Studierende

Autumn School for teachers "System Earth" 2019 (Photo: Thomas Spikermann / GFZ).

As a teacher, it is a challenge to always be up to date with the latest research and to be able to pass it on to the students. Once a year, the GFZ Student Laboratory organises the "Autumn School - System Earth" training course for teachers and students on current developments in the geosciences. This year, the Autumn School is entitled "Asia - A Dynamic Continent".

On two days, participants were offered a comprehensive programme of workshops, scientific lectures, experiments, and practical exercises. About 80 teachers and students from Berlin-Brandenburg as well as from numerous other regions in Germany came to Telegrafenberg in Potsdam on 4 and 5 November.

The topics ranged from the possibility of reducing earthquake risk and consequences of earthquakes through new technologies to the basics of plate tectonics and the monitoring of glaciers. This year, speakers from GFZ, Humboldt University, Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research, University of Hanover, Weather Museum, Technical University of Berlin, Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, and Freie Universität Berlin took part.

New this year was a communications workshop, led by Josef Zens, Head of Public and Media Relations at GFZ, entitled "The end of the world or half as bad - where are the facts on climate change?“. The workshop aimed to impart practical knowledge on how teachers keep up with the latest climate research and how they can enter into a direct dialogue with their students about it. The offer met with the interest of the participants, the workshop received the most registrations.

Manuela Lange, head of the Student Laboratory: "We are very pleased about the great interest. In times of 'Fridays for Future' and the social challenges of climate change, it is more important than ever that teachers are kept up to date with the latest knowledge. We would like to be able to reach even more students and teachers in education in the future, so that we can build an early basis for a teacher's career".

The Autumn School takes place in cooperation with the German Meteorological Society (DMG) and is generally recognised by the state school authorities as official training course. (ak)

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