AOK Corporate Run Potsdam 2019

The team of the GFZ at the AOK Corporate Run Potsdam 2019 (Photo: GFZ)

More than 4,000 runners, including 107 GFZ colleagues, took part in the AOK Corporate Run Potsdam 2019. The circuit over 5.2 kilometres led through the park at the Neues Palais, past drummers, and families who enjoyed the sunshine and the exited crowd.

This year, the fastest female runner of GFZ with 20:48 minutes was Marisa Repasch, section Geomorphology, and the fastest male runner was Daniel Lipus, section Geomicrobiology, with 17:27 minutes, who won 7th place in the overall ranking. In the team classifications, GFZ took 2nd place in all three categories: the women's (Marisa Repasch, Kim Huppert, Simona Regenspurg, Stefanie Pötz), men's (Daniel Lipus, Frank Springer, Christian Hohmann, Alejandro Rodriguez) and mixed classifications. (he)

All results and videos may be found here

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