2nd DESERVE Science Progress Meeting at GFZ

Zweiter DESERVE Science Progress Workshop am GFZ (Foto: P. Ritter, GFZ).

From 4th to 6th of May the 2nd „Dead Sea Research Venue – DESERVE“ Science Progress Meeting will take place at GFZ. DESERVE three major challenges: environmental risks, water availability and climate change. The Dead Sea region serves as an “open-air laboratory” in a globally unique natural and cultural space where rapid environmental change with long-term effects can be conceived.

The workshop will bring together around 45 participants from KIT, UFZ and GFZ as well as from other international partner institutions from Israel, Jordan, the Palestinian territories and from Germany. The workshop will deal with the state of research and will push the exchange of knowledge between the different partners.

The Dead Sea region is especially sensitive to climate change and human influences such as ground- and surface water over-exploitation for agriculture and industrial purposes; here environmental processes are subject to boundary conditions that cannot be found elsewhere on Earth (e.g., the combination of atmosphere, hydrosphere, pedosphere and geosphere processes controlling the development of sinkholes).

For more information on DESERVE see here.

Associated UFZ scientist Dr. Christian Siebert talks about the current situation at the Dead Sea in an interview with the Earth System Knowledge Platform ESKP >>

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