GFZ structure

There are 27 Research Sections at GFZ, combined in four departments, each Department representing a particular research focus. Long term research objectives at GFZ are realized within the overarching topic-oriented Helmholtz Research Programmes. Every programme includes several Research Topics. Research within topics is done across sections.

thumbnail GFZ organisation chart
GFZ organisation chart


GFZ organisational structure

  • Prof. D. Giardini
  • Prof. B. Dingwell
Vice Chair
  • PD Dr. J. Schicks
  • PD Dr. S. Brune
Vice Chair
  • Prof. O. Oncken
Programme Advice
  • MinDirig'in O. Keppler
  • ST T. Dünow
Vice Chair
  • Prof. R. Hüttl
(Chairman) Scientific Executive Director
  • Dr. S. Schwartze
Administrative Executive Director

(DFG) Research Ombudsperson: Dr. R. Trumbull

Staff Council: Dr. A. Vieth-Hillebrand

Equal Opportunity Commissioner: PD Dr. U. Weckmann

Representative Body for Disabled Employees: S. Thiel

Youth and Education Representative: F. Pahlow