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Section 3.4 Fluid Systems Modelling

The section investigates the behaviour of water and gases in rocks of the deep subsurface. In particular geochemical and hydromechanical water/gas-rock interactions are quantified and predicted using simulations of coupled transport processes. A primary goal is to assess the role, fluid systems play in course of exploration and utilization of georesources of the subsurface (water, deposits, storage systems) considering economic and ecological aspects.

Future strategic developments in the context of the Department Geochemistry will focus on the integration of geochemical and geomicrobiological processes in the modelling approaches. This will be realized in close collaboration with the other Sections of the Department and will consider organic reactions, isotope fractionation, and scale-dependent chemical reactions. In addition, process-controlled alterations of porosity and permeability will be integrated and the direct coupling of geochemical and mechanical processes implemented in the simulation environment.

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