Measuring and laboratory vehicle type MERCEDES-BENZ Sprinter station wagon 312D KBI 4x4 (extended wheelbase). Total weight: 3500 kg, engine: 5 cylinder turbo diesel direct injection, engine power: 90 kW

Seismic borehole measurements like VSP, MSP or microseismic monitoring can be perfromed with the SlimWave borehole geophone chain (Sercel). The geophone chain may be used with up to 17 levels (triaxial) in boreholes with diameters from 75 mm to 330 mm. Optionally it can be combined with a total GR and/or a casing collar locator (CCL) log.

The OSG inside section 6.4 operates diverse Slimhole Logging Sondes to measure typical downhole logging parameters. Most slimhole borehole sondes are specified for a maximum pressure and temperature of 80 MPa and 150 °C. They can be used in wells bigger than 75 mm diameter. These sondes can be deployed by one of our diverse logging winches or on any logging winch with an at leaqst 4-conductor cable.

The OSG operates several DMT drill core scanners and an MSCL Multi Sensor Core Logger owned by the ICDP.

These are line scanning devices for whole round and split hard rock cores and for split soft rock cores, both without liner

The Drilling Information System (Conze, 2016)is a modular structure of databases, tailored user applications as well as web services and instruments e.g. Optical Core Scanner (see above or link) including appropriate interfaces to DIS.

For mobile, near-surface high-resolution seismic exploration of damms, reclamation areas of opencast mines or in tunnels, for example, a specially modified geosonar is available.

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