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Downhole Probes

The OSG inside section 6.4 operates diverse Slimhole Logging Sondes to measure typical downhole logging parameters: resistivity, sonic, SGR/GR, SP, magn. susceptibility, magnetic field amplitude, caliper- and borehole orientation, dipmeter, acoustic borehole images, fluid poarameters of T/p/MRES and a fluid sampler. No sondes with nuclear sources are used. The temperature/pressure rating of most sondes is 150 °C/80 MPa. Exceptions are the acoustic televiewer (125 °C/80 MPa), the fluidsampler (180 °C/100 MPa) and the SP sonde (70 °C/50 MPa). The minimum borehole diameter is 75 mm. Complementing the sondes we operate several borehole logging winches of various sizes to match the different maximum hole depth: 250 m, 600 m, 2200 m, 3600 m, 7000 m.

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