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Mobile near- surface high resolution seismic exploration with the Geosonar

To accomplish seismic high resolution measurements on the surface efficient and flexible a Gator TH 6x4 Diesel from the company John Deere was upgraded. As Geosonar it is available for measurements like on embankments, on land recultivation areas of open cast mining or in tunnels.


The measuring vehicle is essentially equipped with source technology, i. e. either a pulse or vibration source as well as the corresponding control, regulation and amplifier technology to excite seismic waves underground. Recipients (usually geophones) and registration units are set up separately and have to follow the geosonar at certain intervals for larger measurement campaigns.

Although Geosonars weight is 493 kg with a vehicle payload of 726 kg the compressive stress onto the underground is most times acceptable due to its low pressure balloon tires. Therefore it is usually also applicable on light grounds. 

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