Measuring and laboratory vehicle

Brand: MERCEDES-BENZ Sprinter station wagon

Type: 312D KBI 4x4 (extended wheelbase)

Total weight: 3500 kg

Engine: 5 cylinder turbo diesel direct injection engine

Power: 90 kW


Special features of the vehicle:

  • four-wheel drive
  • 5 seats
  • continuous partition wall to the measuring cabin
  • 100 l fuel tank
  • roof rack trailer coupling
  • Ascent step at the back door

Special features of the working and transport area:

  • Hot water booster heater separate battery 12 V= and 230 V~ (external supply)
  • Shelving units, worktops, right and left side drawers, vice Lashing facilities on the floor,
  • in front of the wheel arches and on the partition wall 2 folding chairs
  • Through-loading possibility (WxH 400x300 mm) for long parts up to 3.7 m
  • Transport and loading aid by 2 removable loading roller

Equipment of the working area:

  • Basic equipment of electronic measuring technology (multimeter, oscilloscope, power supply unit)
  • Basic equipment of tools for electromechanics and electronics technicians
  • Basic equipment of locksmith and mechanic tool


  • Emergency generator (2 kW) small compressor computer engineering div.
  • Rock drilling machines
  • div. borehole probes
  • portable ultrasonic measuring system UKS-12


  • First aid kit (DIN 13157-C)
  • goggles
  • warning vests
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