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The main goal is to contribute to the understanding of tsunami processes in the Euro-Mediterranean region, to the tsunami hazard, vulnerability and risk assessment, and to identifying the best strategies for reduction of tsunami risk.

Time Dependency of Seismic Hazard in the Dead Sea region The classic probabilistic seismic hazard assessment (PSHA) is founded on the stationarity of the seismicity and considers no variations with time. Since the seismicity in the Dead Sea region shows large variations in past 2,000 years, however, time dependent PSHA will be developed for application to the special conditions of the investigated area.

The primary goal of GSHAP was to create a global seismic hazard map in a harmonized and regionally coordinated fashion, based on advanced methods in probabilistic seismic hazard assessments (PSHA).

The seismic hazard assessment for the D-A-CH countries (Germany D, Austria A, and Switzerland CH) started in 1993 as an initiative from the GFZ Potsdam.

We provide several seismic hazard maps of the Cologne-Aachen area, which were developed within a DNFK-project.

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