ElMiE-Lab – Elements and Minerals of the Earth Laboratory

The ElMiE - lab is a research-oriented facility and part of the Helmholtz center in Potsdam.

The ElMiE – Lab offers the sample preparation and analyses of geological or environmental inorganic samples for element concentrations and mineralogy of inorganic materials.

Further information on how to  apply for analyses as well as the corresponding sample list, can be found in the pdf/excel file (available in English only) below:

ElMiE - lab analyses

ICP MS - location: B366

  • Trace- and Rare Earth-elements (REE)
  • Digestion: Routinely 4-Acid & heating bench; Parr® (high pressure) autoclaves available
  • Sample type: Mainly inorganic rocks, Fluids

ICP OES - location: B364

  • Main- and minor-elements, some Trace elements
  • Digestion: Na2O2 fusion for main elements, REE separation possible
  • Sample type: Fluids, Rocks

XRF - location: B352/B354

  • Main- and some minor-elements
  • Preparation: glass fusion
  • Sample type: inorganic Rocks

XRD - location: B352/B354

  • Quantitative & Qualitative Mineralogy
  • Claymineralogy
  • Temperature/Humidity chamber
  • Preparation: Powders (qualitative & quantitative Mineralogy); orientierted texture preparations  (Claymineraolgy)

IC - location: B358

  • Anions: Fluoride (F-), Bromide (Br-), Sulfate (SO2-4) und Nitrate (NO3-)
  • Preparation: Solids are hydrolyse using pyrohydrolysis
  • Probenarten: Fluids, Rocks


  • Element determination of C, H, N, and S
  • Preparation: powder
  • Sample types: inorganic Rocks
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