X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometry (XRF)

Equipment & location: B352/B354

For routine X-ray fluorescence analysis, powdered sample material is fused to a glass disc. Therefore, the powered samples (grain sizes <62 μm), as well as two Fluxana-samples are dried at ~100 °C, weighed, and melted on different heaters at temperatures between 400-1150 °C. The melt is then quenched to a glass disc and analyzed. We analyze major elements (wt% oxide) and some trace elements (ppm).

Equipment: PANalytical AXIOS Advanced

  • End-window Rh X-ray tube SST-mAX with 4kW output
  • Analyzer crystals: LiF (220), PX1, PX8, PX10, Ge111 curved, PE002 curved
  • Primary collimators: 150, 300 and 700 microns
  • Collimator masks: 6, 10, 20, 27, 30, 37 millimeters
  • Tube filters: 150 micron (Be), 100 micron (brass), 400 micron (brass), 750 micron (Al)
  • Argon flow proportional and scintillation detectors, sealed Xe detector
  • Dust collection device

Some machines are used in combination with the XRF and the XRD

  • Eltra CS 2000: determination of sulfur (S) und carbon (C)
  • Euro EA Elemental Analyzer: determination of H2O/CO2
  • Thermo Scientific Diomex ICS-1100: determination of anions (fluoride, chloride)
  • Pyro-hydrolysis: separation of fluor (F) und chlor (Cl)
  • Fe(II)-Analysis

Information on how to apply for analyses as well as the corresponding sample list can be found in the following pdf/excel file:

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