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(a) Volcantectonics and volcanic hazards

How do volcanic landscapes develop and which local tectonic processes are relevant? We are monitoring volcanoes with satellites (radar interferometry, InSAR) or with drones and cameras (infrared and optical) to investigate physical processes before, during and after volcanic eruptions and their hazards. Our research group investigates the mode of action of magma chambers and magma intrusions, stress changes in the crust, and complex interactions between volcanoes and their environment. We work a lot in the field, map and measure processes, and develop new methods to understand the development of craters and domes on active volcanoes. Further analysis is done by data science approaches and different modelling methods. These are mathematical and numerical models, but also experimental simulations in the laboratory. In the volcanic hazards group, geophysicists, geologists, geodesists, physicists and remote sensing scientists conduct research in an interdisciplinary environment. Interested students and cooperation partners: please do not hesitate to contact us! 

PhD students, postdocs and guests: 

Edgar Zorn, Postdoc
Alina Shevchenko, Postdoc
Ai Lun, PhD Student
Rene Mania, PhD Student
Masoud Allahbakhshi, PhD Student
Daniel Mueller, PhD Student
Pouria Marzban, Phd Student
Sebastien Valade, Postdoc
Stefan Bredemeyer, Postdoc


Former doctoral students and postdocs

Nicole RICHTER (Postdoc until 2021, now Uni Aachen)
Falk AMELUNG (Helmholtz Fellow)
Francesco MACCAFERRI (Postdoc until 2018, now at INGV, Italy)
Eoghan HOLOHAN (Postdoc until 2016, now Professor in Dublin, Ireland)
Elske de Zeeuw-van Dalfsen (Postdoc until 2015, now at TU Delft, Holland)
Henriette SUDHAUS (Postdoc until 2015, now Emmy Noether project lead)
Tanja WITT (PhD until 2018; now in industry)
Mehdi NIKKHOO (PhD until 2018; now Postdoc at GFZ Potsdam)
Herlan DARMAWAN (PhD until 2017, now lecturer at UGM, Indonesia)
Jacqueline SALZER (PhD until 2017; now Lead InSAR Engineer at SkyGeo, NL)
Hannes BATHKE (PhD until 2014, now employed at Geo.X, Potsdam/Berlin)
Ade ANGGRAINI (PhD until 2014, now employed as lecturer at UGM, Indonesia)
Elena NIKOLAEVA (PhD until 2014, now at National Environmental Agency, Georgia)
Michele PANTALEO (PhD until 2014; now engineering geologist at PANGEA, Milan, It)
Manoochehr SHIRZAEI (PhD until 2012, now Professor at Arizona State University, USA) 
Joel RUCH (PhD until 2010; now Assistant Professor at Universite de Geneve, CH)
Andrea MANCONI (PhD until 2009; now Lecturer at ETH Zurich, CH)


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