Section 3.5: Interface Geochemistry

Our Research

Our research addresses the quantitative elucidation of biogeochemical reactions at low to hydrothermal temperatures and in both, inorganic and biologic systems. 

We focus on three main aspects:

(1) the mechanisms and kinetics of mineral nucleation and growth and the associated speciation, sequestration or release/transport of various elements in Earth surface environments; 

(2) the diversity, functions and adaptations of microbial life in extreme environments in geothermal and Arctic settings;

(3)  development ofnovel high resolution electron imaging and spectroscopic tools as well as sample environment(liquid/ cryo SEM/ TEM) for the characterization of geomaterials.


Liane G. Benning
Section Head
Prof. Dr. Liane G. Benning
Interface Geochemistry
Building C, Room 224
14473 Potsdam
+49 331 288-28970